Tips for Choosing and Installing LED Strip Lights in South Africa
Tips for Choosing and Installing LED Strip Lights in South Africa

Is the choice of led strip lights in South Africa something that you cannot ignore-d in home decoration,

as it's an enhancement of the decor as it is an element of decoration, and a gorgeous home requires it to be a part of the makeup.

How do I choose a good led strip lights south africa? Recommendations for light strip? How do you install light strips?

How much does a meter of light strip cost? what is the best way to install it?

All of these questions are ones you ask yourself when choosing an LED strip. This article can help you clear any doubts about your choice of lights.

To help you choose the right light strip we'll look at these dimensions: re-examined for you.

Hello to all, I'm Qing Qing Yulu, an Entrepreneur in the lighting business for the last ten years. My simple language will hopefully help you choose the correct lighting.

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1.Why should we buy light strips?

Let's go through some photos first. We can see the effects created by the light strips on the images.

Image 1: To illuminate the ceiling, a strip of light is placed all around the ceiling. Do you think that the space's height in the living area is too high?

Figure 2 and Figure 3 employ lights to highlight the lines of home decor and create a warm ambience.

Do you want to find the type of light strip used in these lights that are in the background? Don't worry! I'll be telling you this very slowly. . .

There's no need to describe the purposes of the lighting strips. You've already known. There are two of them:

The atmosphere should be boosted

Create a sense of line!

  1. What are the common types of light strips on the market?
  2. Traditional light strip type – T5

I will first tell you about a few products that were used in ancient time.

Perhaps some of your friends not have seen them, but as a lighting expert, we've also experienced the products from the past.

This is not to say that these products are not good, they are just appropriate for the current times.

Requirements discovered changes.

The light produced by this type of light tube LED is uniform and brighter when it's installed in an open light trough.

The downside is that size of the lamp is fixed and needs careful calculations. Furthermore, it is possible to cast shadows in the joints.

  1. Traditional T4 lamp with light strip tube

There's nothing positive to say about this kind of lamp. The reason is that the earlier lamps were very traditional and are no longer considered to be traditional lamps.

If you're more interested in these lamp strips, you can check out my earlier articles:

This article will introduce the standard lighting sources in more detail. The reason why I mention the T4 lamps is to make everyone aware that there isn't any kind of light strip! !

3.Now the most popular light strips ----soft light strips

In fact the flexible light strip is divided into high-voltage lightstrips and light strips with low voltage. We will begin by discussing the high-voltage light strips and then discuss the benefits and drawbacks of high-voltage light strips and low-voltage light strips.

3.1 High voltage light strip

This is usually divided by the number of lamp bead. On the image, you can see that certain lamp beads are more dense and some are not as dense.

The price is a reflection of this. These strips are primarily used in indoor spaces.

Light strip 3.2 silicone

Shadow-free silicone light strips is what we refer to them as.

This type of light strips is mostly used outdoors, and they have excellent waterproof effects.

Let's look at what it looks like first.

Scenarios used:

Light strip connectors are required for all high-voltage lighting strips.

How many light strip connectors do I need?

Ask your electrician at the place for a listing.

4.Special for no main light - low voltage light strip

4.1 Types of light strips with low voltage

Voltage points: Light strips with low voltage are divided into 12V and 24V voltages. The voltage does not have anything to do with directly affect the quality of the light strip.

The number of lamp beads is 60 120, 240, and 60. The more bright the lamp is, the more lamp beads there are.

Power Rating: 6.8W/meter, 10W/meter.

Electronic ballasts are needed for lighting strips with low-voltage.

The two main types of ballasts include 24-volt and 12V. The majority of them are 12V.

4.2 Scenario Application F low-voltage led strip lights south Africa

4.2.1 Application of cabinet

The cabinet employs 6.8W-15W 12V voltage low-voltage light strips, which are directly made of the original light strips and acrylic masks made of aluminum.

Light strip 6.8W-15w 12V

Color temperature: 3000K

Aluminum slot: 1.6*1.6cm

It is important to note that the low-voltage light strip can be purchased with the power supply. If your light strip has 12 volts, you will require a supply of power with 12 volts.

You can also purchase the aluminum trough.

The width of the light strips must be greater than the thickness of the aluminum trough.

or else the light strip will not be install-ed in the aluminum trough.

If the length of Xiao's light strip is 0.8cm then an low voltage lamp that has the belt will be 6.8 Watts/meter. I bought 10 meters.

The power supply should be 12V.

The power supply must be between 100 and 120W.

the size of the aluminum material to be purchased is 1.5CM.

4.2.2 Installation of suspended ceiling

In the last two years, the most popular linear lighting design is that of a trough made of aluminum with an acrylic masks and a low-voltage LED light strip.

Let's have a look at the picture case first to help you understand it better.

Ceiling chandeliers are very simple. It is a departure from the traditional ceiling (spotlight + light strip slot) method and uses a linear light to solve the problem.

Magnetic track lights are a popular house ornament this year.

The most significant LED strip lights that are found in South Africa are linear light.

Designers, I suggest this kind of lamp due to its lines are more attractive and decorative.