Best Practices for Mounting Chinese Style Wall Lights
Best Practices for Mounting Chinese Style Wall Lights

A lot of people today are wealthy and want to make their homes more cozy and comfortable.

Many people who own homes hope to put up outdoor wall lights in their outdoor areas.

What is an outdoor wall light?

What is the optimal place to put outside wall lighting?

This article is a great reference if you're unsure about these two aspects and would like to set up outdoor lighting.

1, What is outdoor wall lights?

Outdoor wall lamp is a type of wall lamp named forits outdoor use.

It is usually installed on outdoor walls, and certain types of products can be mounted on columns for lamps.

Wall lamps for outdoor use are more waterproof and feature enclosed structures.

which will stop rainwater in the outdoors from corroding lamps and help prolong their lifespan.

Outdoor wall lights have many advantages.

Innovative design, elegant and unique, soft lighting,generous and practical, easy installation and durable decorative properties.

Urban green lighting is a wonderful way to create high-quality, civilized communities as well as improve the culture of lighting in the residential environment.

outdoor wall lamps are certainly the most important lighting fixtures to have.

2. Outdoor wall lamp installation:

Outdoor wall lamps can be mounted on walls or columns.

If you are installing bricks on a wall wooden bricks (wooden wedges should not be used to be used in place of wooden bricks) or metal elements must be cleaned prior to the wall's construction.

When installing lighting fixtures,

The lamp stand needs to be affixed to wooden bricks or parts made of metal.

Metal components should be pre placed on the column or secured to the column by clamps

and the outdoor wall light should be directly installed on the metal parts.

The lower part of the lamp's outdoor side from the ground is 1.8m and the elevation of the outdoor wall lamp devices on all four sides can be different,

However, the size of wall lighting on the same wall must be shared.

The lighting fixtures for outdoor walls must be designed to suit the local landscape.

It is recommended to opt for a sealed switch.

In humid areas, ceramic switches that are waterproof are suggested due to the high frequency of exposure to sunlight and rain.

The wall light for outdoor use should be connected in accordance with the type of switch selected.

For exposed wiring, pull wire switches should be used. This is both economical and safe. Based on the wiring condition, determine whether concealed wiring is necessary.

You can also use keyboard switches to hide wiring within walls.

The organization of operation for outdoor wall lamp switches must be able to handle light and sensitive conditions,

The operations of the organisation should be carried out through moving quickly.

Except for pull switches and double throw switches the connection and disconnection of the contacts must be clearly identified.

The switch for outdoor lamps pull wire should be made out of an insulated rope.

with a length not less than 1.5m.

The pull wire organization and pull rope should not fail in the event of a force that is 98N for one minute. The outdoor wall lights are generally installed near the doors, or in other easily accessible locations.

Outdoor wall lights are vital lighting fixtures in public spaces. They are a major factor in the evening.

If they're properly designed by the designer they are able to beautify an urban area at night.

When social gatherings are held, outdoor wall lights often fall and cause injuries to people.

We must also take care of public facilities which will make our lives more secure. This article is a complete outline of the necessary understanding of outdoor wall lights,

If you are looking to install outdoor wall lighting and make your outdoor wall lights more relaxing,

it is advised to refer to the installation precautions to install outdoor wall lights in this article.

The way to install LED wall lights

First, choose a wooden base or stand that is suitable for the lamp.

Place the lamp on the top.

The space left over should be the same. Then, use an electric drill to make the outlet and drill holes for installation on the wood board.

The lamp head is rotated from the hole that is in the wooden board through holes at the side of the plate.

The joint should be wrapped tightly before you insert it into the lamp box.

Make sure that you align the stand's wooden or wooden board with the lamp head box

Stick it tightly to a wall and then use machine screws to fix the wooden stand directly to the ear of a box. If the board is made out of wood, it is recommended to make use of expansion tubes to fix it.

Make sure the lamp base or wooden stand are flat and straight.

Then, use machine screws to connect the lamp to the wooden stand (board) or lamp base. Finally, to match the light bulb lamp shade or light bulb.

For installed outdoor wall lights A waterproof adhesive pad must be positioned between the lamp's base plate bracket and the wall,

A drainage hole must be dug.

Glass covers are utilized to safeguard the large lighting fixtures located in areas of high traffic.

must be designed to stop it from breaking or splashing on the ground (except for design requirements).

Generally, a protective net constructed of transparent nylon wire is a good choice,

The size of the mesh will be determined by the circumstances.